Storing for the Holidays

There are a few perks to my family being pack rats. Everything we need is likely to be stored away somewhere. When the holidays roll around we don’t need to run out to CostPlus and buy Christmas decorations or lights. We’ve been storing them for years.

We have boxes packed in the garage with miscellaneous holiday items including the gingerbread man my husband made when he was 5 and the ornament his mom gave him when he bought our first house.

Are there any from my childhood? Absolutely not. My mom didn’t keep anything. There’s a picture (one of only a handful) of my mom and I in the early 70s. We’re wearing matching red velvet dresses. She made them by hand and they were absolutely beautiful. Once I outgrew it, the dress was given away. Everything was given away once there was no use for it. There is nothing left for childhood because my mother did not want the clutter.

Then there’s the other extreme. My mother-in-law lets my kids play with the Legos my husband played with 30 plus years ago. When we go camping they sleep in their dad and uncle’s old sleeping bags. She has kept most everything because it’s still good. It’s neatly organized in different boxes that are clearly labeled that would even be easy to stack in a nearby storage unit if need be. They are stored efficiently and with love.

It’s so nice to have their toys easily accessible at Grandma’s. My kids love it when I say they are playing with the same toys Dad played with when he was a boy.

And that’s why I’m keeping all of the hats and blankets I knitted my kids. Every picture I’ve taken of them (thank God for computers). And some of the toys and clothes. But of course they are not neatly organized.

The garage is filled with Christmas and Halloween decorations (we love the holidays!) and boxes of kids’ clothes and toys and there is no more room. I’ve come up with a solution for when we are ready to put all the holiday items away.

I found these ornament storage boxes on Amazon and I’m ordering them to keep everything organized. Right now, each ornament is individually wrapped and scattered throughout several boxes, I can now put in its own little home and save room in my house or even move them to a storage unit while keeping everything organized and clearly labeled.

I can never be as clutter-free as my mom or as organized as my mother-in-law, but I’m going to try. My instincts tell me to shove everything in the garage and close the door really quickly so it doesn’t fall out on top of us, but alas, we don’t want anything falling on the kids. That would not make for a happy holiday.

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