Pete Sampras has Trophies Stolen from Storage Unit

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The LA Times reported last night that retired tennis great Pete Sampras was the victim of a storage unit robbery at a storage facility in Los Angeles.  A number of trophies and various memorabilia including newspaper clippings and magazine covers spanning his career were among the items taken, including one of Grand Slam singles trophies.  If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that break ins at self storage facilities are a fact of the industry.  With thousands of squarefeet of storage units in every state, it only make statistical sense.  However, most break ins are relegated to the police blotter of the local paper, not the LA Times and CNN.  The story definitely caught our attention since not only was the robbery at a storage facility, but it reportedly occurred at a facility in West Los Angeles and the Storitz home office is right nearby.  The name of the facility isn’t given, but it’s disheartening to hear of this happening anywhere.

Sampras says that he “thought there were security cameras” in the facility but it isn’t clear if there actually were cameras or if there is any video footage of the crime.

West Hollywood police are currently investigating the crime but have not named any suspects and as such Sampras has taken to the media to make a plea for the return of his hard-won hardware.  It is possible that whoever did cart off these possessions did not know exactly what he or she was getting and just saw something shiny that looked valuable.

Los Angeles storage facilities are in the unique position of dealing with celebrity storage and as such must be extra diligent with both security and privacy concerns of their higher profile clients.  Clearly there was some kind of breakdown in the security system at this particular facility, and unfortunately for them, their unhappy tenant is also a celebrity.  While we can only hope for the best in this case, that someone comes forward and returns the trophies to their rightful owner, we can also use this as an opportunity to readdress the security measure that are in place at the facilities you own, manage, or rent from.  Whether checking the access gate, making sure security cameras are fully functioning or ensuring the storage managers have up to date training in the security system this story is evidence that there is no time like the present to make sure your storage facility is secure.

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