Friday Freetime: Storitz Tree Trimming Party

Santa is Born to Be Wild. For Some Reason.

As you get older, Christmas tends to lose a little bit of the splendor that it once had.  This is especially true in Southern California where the only “White Christmas” you’ll find is a specialty cocktail at a dive bar in Van Nuys.  But we want to do our best to keep the holiday spirit alive in the Storitz office so we’re going to have a tree trimming party this afternoon!  This is great for so many reasons.

1. We got to have Bay Cities for lunch (this actually wasn’t really related to the party, but it was still really delicious).

2. We’re listening to Bing Crosby sing Christmas Carols

3. I got to go shopping for the ornaments for the tree where I saw the amazing picture you see in this post.  It was at Rite Aid.  Unfortunately I didn’t buy it (but if anyone is looking for gift ideas for our office, take note!)

4. We’re having a party.  Do I really need to list reasons that this is a good thing?

5. Also, it’s Friday.

Look forward to more pictures later here and on our facebook page.  If you’re lucky there may even be people wearing antlers!

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