8 Things Santa Should Put in Storage

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Yesterday’s post gave some good tips on how to keep Christmas clutter under control in your house or your storage unit.  But you know who could really use storage for all that red & green stuff that’s really only useful once a year?  Santa.  So I present to you a list all the things that Santa could put in storage.  Leave your suggestions in the comments.

1. Sleigh: This one is pretty obvious.  As soon as he’s done delivering all the presents and getting ready to hop the next Jet Blue flight to Nassau, Santa is not getting on that sleigh again for another year.  I mean, the alignment is shot anyway.  So why not park it in a storage unit where it will be protected from harsh North Pole weather and rusting?  Done & done.

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2. Reindeer food: I’m not really sure what reindeer eat, but you can bet they eat a lot of it and there’s probably not room for it in the house.

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3. Coal: The universal gift for the Naughty everywhere hasn’t changed in decades so you can bet Santa gets it in bulk.  Though, with energy prices these days maybe misbehaved kids are just getting used batteries and Santa’s saving the coal for himself.

4. DVDs of Christmas Movies: No one needs to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer more than once a year.  Seriously, that movie is creepy.

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5. Beard wax: It’s a little known fact that on December 26th each year, Santa shaves his beard and spends the rest of the year growing it back.  He’ll need to make sure he’s got a climate controlled unit for this one though, otherwise you’ve got beard wax melting onto everything.

6. Santa Suit & Long Underwear: We’ve already given you some tips on how to safely store clothes.  He can lay the Santa Suit flat, in plastic and roll the long johns up in a cupboard.

7.Christmas decorations: Just like Jessica Alba!

JESSICA ALBAphoto © 2009 JOEL KALUMBA | more info (via: Wylio)
8. Elves
: Ok, you really can’t store people in a storage unit.  Everyone knows they live in trees anyway.

Do you keep Christmas stuff in your storage unit?

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