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For most people Halloween is a day full of trick-or-treating, costumes, pumpkins and lots of candy! But for Storitz, Halloween marked the 13th annual L.A. Cancer Challenge Run/Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research. A couple of us here at Storitz have lost a loved one to Pancreatic Cancer and have participated in this event for several years. While there is still no cure for Pancreatic Cancer, we are getting closer with improvements in early detection.

This was the first year we had a booth at the Expo and let’s just say we now know what to expect next time around. Between crazy, long lines for parking and people who were freaking out about the coincidence of needing storage right now, we met others who just wanted our free swag and dressed up their dogs in silly costumes. Other highlights from the day included forgetting that the park  doesn’t have wi-fi access,meaning that we were unable to showcase our company from our nifty ipad kiosk stations and being located next to the V-8 fusion + tea booth. Anyone say free samples?! Did I mention there was a lady that was freaking out that she’s looking for self storage right now? Oh, and of course there were plenty of cute kids dressed in their costumes who ran in the Kids Can Cure race! As this was our first booth catered for consumers, I’d say it went as good as can be expected.

While ACE and E-Morse stayed back to man the booth, my sister and I ran the 5K in memory of our Grampa. The 3.1 mile course isn’t completely flat and it is definitely a challenge if you haven’t been training, but hey, that’s my own fault. Each year I promise myself to better prepare for the race so that come Monday morning I don’t wake up in full body pain and yet each year I end up showing up for the 5K ill-prepared. Minutes before they blew the whistle all I could think about was how I ever thought not training for this was a good idea. It wasn’t until I was seconds away from crossing the finish line that I realized, it’s not about training for the race, but who and what I was doing the race for.

My Grampa was an amazing, strong man who lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer when I was only 13 years old and I know he would be proud of what we accomplished on Sunday. Waking up at 5:30am may not have been easy on a Sunday morning, but I couldn’t think of anything better to do than support the cause and run in memory of my Grampa.

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