Storage Facility as Art Gallery

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Here at Storitz, we’re always fascinated by what new a interesting ways people are finding to put storage units to good use: whether it’s Mom storing Christmas gifts far away from prying eyes, a band practicing for their next gig or this newest development, an art show.  On Saturday, Lake Worth Storage in Lake Worth, Florida hosted an exhibit called “10×10” where various South Florida artists set to work creating art installations to be housed in various units of the facility.  Visitors were then allowed to wander the facility looking for the units that contained the projects.  This is a very interesting and community-friendly way to use empty storage units.  It not only does good for the image of the facility and gives local artists a space to create, but by placing parameters like a 10×10 size limit on their art forces them to think, well, inside the box.  The exhibition was curated by Palm Beach “arts agitator” Kara Walker-Tome.  More information on the project can be found at

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