Say Goodbye to the Clutter, Kids

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I’ve been looking for an activity to keep my two boys busy this month and I think I’ve found the perfect solution. Hold on to your hats kids because it’s time to clean your room!

My kids are out of school for a week at Thanksgiving and I’ve been trying to think of an activity we can all enjoy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with one so instead we’re going to clean the room their room!

When I look around the room they share, I’m baffled. We don’t buy them much, but there are books and toys everywhere. It might be because my kids, like my husband and I, are pack rats. They don’t want to get rid of anything. Every book, every scrap of paper, every…thing means something to them.

A mom who is much more “with it” than I am told me that she has her kids organize their room a couple of times a week so it’s not so chaotic when they need to get ready for school in the morning. Oh, how I long to be that mom. There’s just too much stuff! We really need to store everything that we don’t need.

For instance, I keep their winter bedding in their room and the flannel sheets, blankets, and comforters take up a lot of space during the long California summers.  Then when winter comes, all the lightweight sheets and blankets need to be stored somewhere. Rather than cramming them into the last millimeter of space in their closet, I really should  put them in plastic bins from the Container Store and put that in a storage unit, along with all of the toys that need a breather.

When my 5 and 6-year-old boys were younger I put a box of their toys in the garage and when I brought them out again a few months later it was like Christmas. Maybe I should do that with some Legos, books, and the racetrack they only play with once every couple of months?

Six months in a storage unit would be perfect. It would clear up so much room and they wouldn’t have to worry about games, sheets, or who know what falling on their heads when they need to get something from the closet.

Say goodbye to the train set you haven’t played with in 2 years, kids. It’s going into storage.

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