It’s Getting Hot in Here: This Week in Self Storage

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Things were really heating up in self-storage this week…

  • A fire at The Lock Box storage facility in Jackson County, Missouri burned more than 50 units last week.  Despite the facilities rules banning combustible materials, a discarded cigarette appears to be to blame for the fire.  After a local Fox affiliate aired the story, including a testimonial from a local veteran of the war in Afghanistan whose unit was among those damaged, an anonymous viewer made a generous donation to the soldier to help him replace some of what he lost.  That’s just, wow, so great.  (,
  • Another fire, this time at SecurCare Self Storage in Boulder, Colorado is being blamed on a 51-year-old man who was living in a storage unit there.  The fire spread from his unit to seven others and caused major traffic delays, but no one was injured. (
  • In Orange County, Florida a speeding BMW jumped a curb, then a fence and hit several cars before flipping onto its roof and into a self-storage facility and, that’s right, catching fire.  The driver, a 20-year-old woman, escaped with minor injuries but could face criminal charges.  Witness report “Boom!” and “flames”. Oh, Florida. (
  • Though not technically a self-storage unit, DNA test have solved the bizarre mystery of 2 mummified babies found in an apartment building storage room in Los Angeles.  Through genetic testing of a Canadian woman, it was determined that they were the children of her aunt, Vancouver resident Janet Barrie, who died in 1994.  None of Barrie’s surviving relatives had any knowledge of her ever having given birth.  (
  • And finally, a pair of home burglars in Connecticut were arrested in East Lyme last Thursday after nearly $1 million worth of stolen goods were found inside their storage unit.  Items included art work, jewelry, snow boards, guns, musical instruments and fur coats. (
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