Friday Free time: Harry Potter & the Magical Storage Unit

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If you have eyes and/or ears you probably already know this, but if not let me be the first to inform you that the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Oh My God Will This Series Ever End, I mean, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallow, comes out TODAY.  (If you don’t have ears OR eyes and you’re reading this blog somehow and I’ve offended you, my sincere apologies).  Though I’m know the die hardest of fans have already seen it (I know this because I saw various USC students dressed as “Sexy Hogwart Students” waiting for the midnight showing last nigh at LA Live) but I’m betting there are some people that will go tonight and even more that will go tomorrow and also those of us will go never, but anyway, it’s Friday so let’s just see if we can relate this back to storage somehow.

My understanding, from wikipedia, is that there are actually a number of magical storage “receptacles” in the Harry Potter Series.  These include:

  • Moody’s Magical Trunk: A trunk that has 7 different locks, each of which opens to reveal different contents

Between work and my apartment with its various security gates and my car and it’s remote keyless entry device that’s actually bigger than a key my key chain is at maximum capacity.  Adding 7 more keys just isn’t an option.

  • the Pensieve: a basin used to store and review memories

Wait, isn’t this just facebook?

  • Moleskine pouches: a magical drawstring pouch that can only be opened by its owner

I assumed this would be a pouch carried around by magical hipsters to collect their brilliant ideas so they can blog about them later.

And finally,

  • Hermione‘s handbag: Hermione, clever wizard that she is, used an “undetectable extension curse” on her handbag so that it can carry an infinite amount of stuff

This actually sounds like every purse in LA.  They are infinitely big.  But if I did have an infinite purse I would always have a spare pair of tights, a jacket and lip gloss.  Actually I already have all those things in my purse.  So maybe, I don’t know, my dog?  Assuming you *don’t* have an infinite handbag, you might keep some of your extra stuff in storage!  And everything comes together.  Happy Friday.

What would you put in your magical trunk or your infinite handbag?  Are you going to see Harry Potter?

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