Doing Good: Portland’s Homeless-Friendly Storage Facility

A homeless man in Paris
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A lot of people are talking about Veteran’s Day today: some up in arms about the Google doodle (this is not helpful to anyone), some commenting on the light traffic and some offering heartfelt thank yous to those that have risked their lives for our country.  In this generous spirit, it seems like the perfect day to introduce a series Doing Good series.  Here we’ll spotlight the ways in which self storage facilities across the country are contributing to the health and happiness of their communities.

A facility in Portland is set to open next spring that will allow homeless Portland residents to securely store their property there during the day.  Without facilities like this, many homeless people are forced to risk losing all their worldly possessions should they take their eyes away from them for even a moment.  This facility, which is being funded by the Portland Housing Bureau, will also include a shelter and a day center.  Homeless services and shelters are nothing new, but I have never heard of a facility that expressly allows these kind of storage services.  It’s a very creative way to address this problem and it should be interesting to see how it works out in Portland.

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