Auction Hunters: Episodes 1 & 2

Last week I wrote about a new reality show called Auction Hunters that  marries the oh so glamorous industry of self storage with the oh so  realistic industry of television. The Storitz team finally got a chance to watch the show and it was pretty interesting (though to be fair I was watching TV at work, so I was probably inclined to be generous).

In the first two episodes, Alan and Ton (pictured above) visit two self storage facilities right here in Southern California.  Though the show never reveals which facilities they are, one is described as Downtown Los Angeles and the other is in San Bernardino. The show really takes you through the process of attending a self-storage auction and buying a unit. Of course, they don’t go into much (or any) detail about why the unit is for sale, because that would probably be more sad or annoying than entertaining. Instead, the show starts as the unit goes on sale.  Alan & Ton come in, flashlights blazing as each unit that’s  for sale has the lock sawed off and is  opened for viewing.  Potential buyers are allowed to look in the unit but not cross the threshold to poke around inside. They look up, over and around trying to suss out how much the contents of the unit are worth, then between the two of them they determine a maximum bid (all without letting their fellow bidders in on what they see).  Once they win the unit, they dig through and sort the contents into “sell” and “toss” piles until, inevitably, they find something exciting enough to be on TV.  This time it was a vintage cash register and an antique gun.

At this point, the “storage auction” portion of the show is over and the “Antiques Roadshow” portion begins as they travel around to their contacts, at the Long Beach Antiques Mall and a local gun shop, trying to get the best price for their finds.

At face value, the show is compelling in its ‘treasure hunters’ aspects, but I think it would be interesting to play up the auction angle.  In particular I would be very interested to hear what the other auction hunters – the ones who do not have a TV show – think about the show and think about having Alan & Ton (and a Spike TV camera crew) present at the auctions.  We look forward to seeing how this show pans out.  A new episode airs tonight at 10PM.

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