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Storage bins make great trainsphoto © 2010 Nicki Dugan | more info (via: Wylio)I need to start organizing my kids’ room, but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. Making a trip out to Ikea or the Container Store and flagging down a salesperson isn’t on my schedule these days and even if I had a nearby storage unit, with the holidays coming my calendar this month is way too jam-packed to get out there.

So I turned to the ladies who always have the answers: the mommy bloggers. I looked for websites dedicated to organizing and what a goldmine I found.

The site HomeEverAfter.com says that I don’t need to spend a lot of money on storage bins to keep my kids’ keepsakes. She recommends Office Max accordion envelopes to store old homework and artwork. That sounds much better than my current solution which is to stuff it in a drawer. For the bigger items, she says to have the kids put what they want to in an inexpensive cardboard dresser. Whatever doesn’t fit, the kids have to give it away, throw it away, or figure out another use for that fast-food toy they’ve been hanging on to for a year.

HomeOrganizeIt.com has excellent ideas for attacking clutter that includes writing down what you want to accomplish. That means sitting down in the room and looking at the mess and deciding how mess-free you want it to end up. Are there too many toys? Too many clothes? Or no organization at all? Hmmm, for us it’s all of the above.

My favorite advice to find motivation to get rid of clutter is to monetize it. Find the stuff you don’t need around the house and sell it on EBAY, says CouponCravings.com.

MoneySavingMom.com had a genius idea that never occurred to me. She said “Avoid Clutter Collecting Furniture.” I never noticed the pieces of furniture we have that are simply there to collect clothes, backpacks or toys. Like the train table we have in our boys’ room. It was supposed to be for them to put their Thomas the Train set together, but I think they did that once or twice and then it turned into a Lego table. But they much prefer the floor so we just pile toys, clothes, and books on it. Thank you, Money Saving Mom. The train table has got to go. And not only the train table, but the chair in my room that I haven’t sat on for 4 years, but houses my jackets, scarves, and books.

I may have been looking for advice about how to organize, but the best advice I found by far was more about how to manage my day than about cleaning out a cluttered room. Parents.com gave “Organizing Tips for Busy Moms” that had a lot of good advice for someone like me. It includes tips on how to simplify a busy work day, streamline household chores, and find time for myself. And for general advice on how to be someone completely different comes from the blog I’m An Organizing Junkie. I’m more a chaos junkie and I’m sure there is a lot I can learn from her.

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