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It’s my first day.  No, not really but it’s my first blog.  Ok, also not technically true.  But this is the first one that matters.  This is the first one where I’m me and you’re you and we get down to business.  After our first few posts, you might be wondering: what is the point of this blog and who am I and what is Storitz and why on earth would you want to read this?

Sure, this blog is about us.  That is, Storitz.  And it’s about our company and branding and visibility and marketing and social media (hey, hi, that’s my job) and everything else that a company’s blog is about.  But more importantly, this blog is about you.

If you’re looking for storage or are wondering if you need it or someone you love needs it or someone that you hate needs it.

If you own a storage facility.

If you work at a startup or you want to know what it’s like.

If you live in Southern California (like we do) or in America or on Planet Earth (the blog will be less relevant if you don’t speak English, but bienvenue anyhow).

If you have stuff you’re trying to get rid of stuff or you need more stuff or if you want to know if you’re allowed to fill your storage unit with PlayPlace Balls.

Actually, if you know the answer to that last one can you let me know? Cause I’m kind of curious.  That sounds pretty fun.

Most importantly, it’s about whatever the people who are reading it want it to be about.  So click and comment and email and web 2.0 or 3.0 or smartphone or carrier pigeon or whatever and let us know what you want.  Otherwise I’ll just write about whatever I want and you’re going to get sick of pop music and New Wave cinema really fast.

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