Wacky Halloween Decorations: A Great Candidate for Storage

It’s still a few days away but it’s definitely not to early to start thinking about Halloween (got your costume yet?)  Halloween can be a holiday that’s both awesome and overwhelming.  Of course, it’s great fun to answer the door for be-costumed kiddies, coo over them and send them on their way for their parents to deal with the ensuing sugar rush & crash.  But Halloween also means thinking of and finding a costume, making sure you’re fully stocked for Trick or Treaters and for lots of people going all out with decorations.

Wow. That's a lot of...decorations...

Just this morning I nearly ran into an extremely creepy ghost hanging from a tree in my neighborhood and it scared the heck out of me.  But what are you supposed to do with that crazy inflatable spider that looks so awesome crawling into your door in October but just seems crazy come November?  If your attic is already full of Santa costumes and life sized Easter Bunnies, it might be time to get some extra storage.

More pictures of wacky and just plain bizarre Halloween decorations after the jump.

Some Halloween decorations might be a little creepy to keep around your house all year round…


Headstones might not be the most "kid-friendly" thing to keep in your house all year...

…some might be literally impossible to store in your house…


A helicopter? These Joneses are literally impossible to keep up with.

…some might be a little too ‘country chic’ for your tastes the rest of the year…

Too cute. No, really, MUCH too cute.


…and some are just completely inexplicable.

I wish I could explain this to you. I know it's "Michael Jackson's Halloween" but -- why??

So you can see why you might want to put some of your ‘fun’ Halloween decorations far away from your everyday life in a storage unit.  Do you currently use storage for your holiday decorations?  Have pictures of your wacky Halloween decorations?  Leave them in the comments!

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