The Week in Self-Storage

And now for a Monday morning wrap up of self-storage news from around the internet…

In a move that might draw in more Southern California “hockey moms,” Mini U Storage has partnered with the Anaheim Ducks to offer new customers free Ducks tickets when they rent a unit.  The deal will also have Mini U Storage advertising featured at games and during broadcasts.

The answer to Inside Self Storage’s headline isn’t exactly groundbreaking but suffice to say, just as it has changed the way we communicate with our friends and family, the way we shop for shoes, the way we spend our time at work and at home, the growth of social media will absolutely affect the self-storage industry.  Of course, one of the ways social media will have an effect is through sites like ours!  We’re social mediaing to the max.

We know that auctioning off abandoned units can uncover all sorts of interesting, cool or scary things.  A man in Norwood, Ohio got a lot more than he bargained for though when he opened up his purchased lot and found what turned out to be bomb-making materials.  The surprising discovery closed a 4 year old cold case of a bomb left by the side of Interstate 71 in Ohio in 2006.

A Redlands, California man with a violent record was accused of killing his girlfriend oustide a self-storage facility in that city earlier this year.  His trial is set to begin on November 2nd.

And finally:

Don’t know what to do with all those curry recipes?  Phuket: put ’em in storage.

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