Halloween Costumes Spotted in L.A.

Alien chest-buster, Halloween costume

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You’d think that having given myself a free pass to write about whatever I want on Friday would make it easier, but without any parameters it can actually be more difficult to decide what to write about.  We already covered wacky Halloween decorations, but what about the most important of all decorations: the one that you will wear!

Halloween isn’t until Sunday but a lot of people have not only decided on their costumes but some have even had parties already.  Being the popular and successful blogger that I am, I personally have already been to two costume parties with another scheduled for Saturday.  What can I say, I’m very much in demand.  As you can imagine, some people in L.A. get really in to Halloween and I’ve already seen some pretty radical costumes.  My favorites are after the jump.

The Tapatio Guy

This costume is a brilliant idea, at least in L.A.  I’d never had Tapatio before moving to Southern California but now it’s a staple in my diet and this costume is easy to execute and totally cool.


The Moustache is very important to the costume

Bacon & Eggs

Couples costumes can be tricky since it so often it looks like one of the members of the couple (most often the guy) looks like they got roped into it.  But I saw one couple in this cute Bacon & Eggs costume that was just kind of precious.

Kenny F’ing Powers

Eastbound & Down isn’t for everyone, but as a fan, I loved this costume.

Lame Costumes

Of course there are always people who don’t try quite as hard, which is fine.  You can be a sexy cowgirl or a sexy schoolgirl or a pirate or whatever.  But please please I’m begging you, don’t be Waldo.



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