Dario Meli’s 5 Tips for Startup Success – Are We Using Them?

Today at Mashable there’s a great (brief!) piece on Dario Meli, a co-founder of social media client HootSuite, complete with a shallow focus headshot of the entrepreneur.  In it, he enumerates 5 Tips for Startup Success.  Now, Storitz has already startedup, as it were, but we’re still small and the tips are sure to come in handy.  Let’s see how we’re doing so far:

1. Address a Real Problem

Is looking for storage a total inconvenience that’s boring, time-consuming and painfully low-tech?  Sounds like a problem to me!  Our aim is to make your search for storage easy, convenient, and fun.  Of course, that is using a fairly broad definition of the word “fun.”  How about painless?  Painless is good.

2. Work with the Right People

Even though I’ve been here less than a week, I can vouch for the fact that the people here are awesome.  Smart, creative, hard-working, fun.  Pretty tall.  Good hair.  Yes, we have this one covered.

3. Division of Labor is Your Friend

None of us could do this alone.  Least of all me — they just hired me because I type fast.  Our meetings usually end with a white board of stuff that needs to happen, with different people’s initials spread across the board like confetti, everyone doing their own thing so that we can work together.

4. Stay Focused

We’ve got one site.  It’s our focus.  All. The. Time.

5. Be Visible

Working on this.  I think part of this is my job, actually.  So…how am I doing?

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