Cleaning Up

Every morning I look around my house and I can’t believe it. There are books all over our living room because the shelves are crammed full. We keep the mail on the dining room table until the day once a week when we move it to the china cabinet. The china cabinet has no china, of course, just cell phone chargers, sunglasses, and paper.

Oh, the paper. There are bills (why? We do everything online), receipts, the kids school work that I forgot to throw away when they weren’t looking, and the countless flyers sent home from school.

But that’s not the real problem with the clutter in our house. I have 2 kids, a husband, and an urban Los Angeles house (that means small), and we don’t like to throw anything away. We could put more stuff in our garage if our garage wasn’t full of tools, paint cans, and random things I need for my baking business.

What we really need is a psychiatrist. Oh, wait. What I meant to say was, what we really need is a storage unit to put half of our things in. Not only would this solve our clutter problem but it would force us to go through the junk around our house.

I shouldn’t say junk. I have the books my uncle left me that I could never part with. I have a selection of my kids’ cutest baby clothes and the books that they loved. Also taking up a lot of room are the boxes of newspaper clippings of every story I’ve ever written (pre-internet) since high school.

It’s hard to think of getting rid of the things we’re used to and that have sentimental value. The little table that we’re always tripping over belonged to my niece but is now (rarely) being used my boys’. And the giant uncomfortable chairs that don’t fit in our living room have been with my husband since before I came into the picture.

Okay, I realize I sound like a crazy hoarder. Maybe it is time for a storage unit. I might not be able to purge, but I can certainly rent.

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