Breaking News: Celebrities Have a Lot of Stuff!

We found TWO posts this week over at the celebrity gossip blog, aptly named , that have A-list stars spending a leisurely afternoon at their storage units.

Halle Berry

Let me help you with that, Halle...


…and Sandra Bullock!

Sandy's got assistants for the heavy lifting


What do you think these ladies keep in there anyway?  Valentino Couture?  Laserdisc copies of Speed?  French male models??

But more importantly, Ms. Berry can’t get someone else to carry that box for her?  Honestly.

This just goes to show that even people that can afford a mansion or two might choose to keep a storage unit.  After all, there’s some things that you can never really get rid of but you’d rather not think about (Cough – Gothika).

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