Self-Storage Coachella: 5 Artists That Would Rock The Self-Storage Music World


It is that time of year again as concert-goers head out to Indio, California for the annual music festival, Coachella.  The all-weekend festival is dedicated to appreciating music and spending time with having fun with friends, old and new.  If only self-storage had a similar event, where bands dedicated to self-storage gathered for the weekend and played in appreciation to the self-storage industry.  Ok, maybe I’m crazy, but here are the self-storage acts (made-up from this year’s Coachella line-up) that I would be excited to go see:


1) Built to Fill (Built to Spill)

This indie rock group devotes their music to the art of utilizing every inch of space in storage units.  These five musicians out of Boise, Idaho can help you fit even your most precious item into storage and Keep It Like A Secret, their studio album.



2) Drive-up Like Jehu (Drive Like Jehu)

The post-hardcore and alternative rock style of this San Diego, California trio is dedicated to the convenience of loading your items into your unit directly from your vehicle.



3) Keys and Crates (Keys N Krates)

Unlock your taste for electronic music with this group out of Toronto, Canada.  These three young men are no strangers to keeping your biggest items (crates anyone?) with respect as evidenced by their 2013 single “Treat Me Right”.



4) Boxel Boys (Bixel Boys)

These Los Angeles, California natives think inside the box when it comes to storage and outside the box when it comes to their music.  Their popular hash-tag #boxlife captures their eclectic mix of the storage and dance music worlds.



5) AC/DC In Unit (AC/DC)

This all-time great rock ‘n’ roll band brings the power into your unit.  Hailing from Sydney, Australia, these rockers know that moving into self-storage can be messy business and will do Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap for you.


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The First Self-Storage Internet Council: Self-Storage Talk

Have you ever wondered how Self-Storage is affected by the Internet?  Are you aware of the many opportunities and resources on the Internet that are available to the Self-Storage industry?

The first Self-Storage Internet Council: Self-Storage Talk is an informative way to learn about how the Internet can affect your Self-Storage business.  The event, moderated by Storitz CEO Adrian Comstock, will feature a panel of Self-Storage Internet industry leaders who will be discussing a variety of important topics.  This panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session, during which anyone in attendance will be free to ask questions of some of the foremost experts on the subject.

The event is taking place on March 12, 2015 during the Self-Storage Association Spring Conference and Trade Show at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Come by room Elk Grove 2 from 7am – 8am!  Admission is free and does not require registration.  Refreshments will be served.


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What is the Perfect Storage Unit?


If the self-storage industry has taught me anything, it’s that every tenant is different.  Each person has a unique personality, storage need, or quirk that makes every storage rental unlike the any before.  In helping these prospective tenants find the unit that best fits their needs, I have begun to wonder a simple question: Is there a “perfect” storage unit?  And if there is, what qualities make this so-called “perfect” unit so special?

My perfect storage unit is a drive-up unit in sunny Los Angeles (maybe Santa Monica, at the beach?).  If I am going to work up a sweat lifting my belongings to and from the facility, I want to do it while I’m outside in the beautiful southern California air.  A nice breeze would be a great way to get a refreshing cool down in the middle of a long move.


(My stuff would look great here.)


The position of the unit in the row of drive-ups would also be important.  My perfect unit is located in the middle of the most accessible and visible row.  I imagine this would be the first row, closest to the management office.  I would feel abundantly confidant that my belongings were secure in plain sight of the office.  Also, being in the first row would make getting from the office to the unit a snap.  I would not want to be the first unit in the row, as I would want to avoid being the road of others while they are trying to move.  However, being at the end of the row would make my unit the furthest away and more work to get to every time I want to access it.  The middle would guarantee me the space to access my unit without having to worry about getting in the way.


(Just right.)


As for the size of my perfect unit, I think a 10×10 would be best for me.   The reason?  I can’t imagine having more stuff to put into storage than would fit in a 10×10.  I can’t keep track of all of my stuff now!  I don’t think I could navigate through a bigger unit full of my stuff and ever hope to find anything that I needed.  Perhaps one day this will change, but today, I’m going with the 10×10.

I would obviously want all of the highest amenities I could imagine.  Climate control, camera surveillance, individual alarm, and gated access to the property would be the extra details that made my perfect unit stand out from others.  It would also be accessible 24/7 and not be subjected to gate hours or holiday closings.

I realize that my interpretation of the “perfect” unit probably isn’t the same as others’.  I think that’s great and would love to hear about what qualities would make a storage unit perfect for you!  Feel free to comment or tweet @Storitzdotcom to discuss.  I am always interested in new ideas.


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Self-Storage in the Future

We were having a discussion at Storitz the other day about the future and what amazing changes may occur over the coming years.  We all had several ideas of amazing possibilities the future could hold.  That conversation began to have me thinking about the self-storage industry.  What could the future hold for the self-storage industry?  I began to think of all the many revolutionary innovations that could change the landscape of self-storage forever.

With real estate being a finite commodity, perhaps we will begin to build storage units that float in the sky.  Instead of storage rentals at a facility in Atlanta, Storitz could provide rentals at facilities OVER Atlanta.  Tenants would need to bring their belongings to the facility in their flying car or maybe rent a hover truck, which will have replaced conventional automobiles in the future.

Maybe we will be able to put self-storage in outer space.  Instead of Storitz offering to do rentals and reservations in areas like Chicago or Dallas, we would offer to book units available at storage sites on the moon!  I can already picture a beautiful facility on the moon, with promotional options for free moving rocket rentals.  The units would need to be inside the facility in order to take advantage of artificial gravity and climate control systems that would protect tenant’s belongings from the inhabitable conditions of outer space.

Does anyone else remember in Star Trek, when Captain Kirk could teleport aboard the Starship Enterprise?  Forget “Beam me up, Scotty!”  In the future, I see tenants transporting their belongings to and from their unit with a teleporter.  No more need to spend all day lifting heavy boxes and driving back and forth.  Customers could simply rent a unit, and teleport their belongings directly inside.

(Teleportation, as seen in Star Trek.)

Perhaps technology will become so advanced that tenants’ belongings can be saved into data on computers.  Imagine a device that could take objects from the real world into the digital world.  I see it being a lot like the hit movie Tron, where young software engineer Kevin Flynn is pulled into the digital world of an evil computer game.  The experimental lazer that pulls Flynn into the computer world could work equally well to pull storage into the digital world and save belongings in a way that would not even require a unit.  However, Flynn has to battle in a video game world in order escape the computer.  If tenants’ belongings are going to be stored in this manner, they will need to be able to get them out whenever they want.  Scientists of the future will need to make sure this is possible and that no evil computers attempt to hold belongings in the digital world forever.

(The lazer process from Tron that brings objects from the material world into the digital world.)

Who really knows what the future will hold?  There will be so many inventions that develop so rapidly, that no one can truly predict what might happen.  In any case, what do YOU think the future could hold for the self-storage industry?


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5 Easy Ways to Promote Fun in the Office

No matter what industry your business is in, there is much to be gained by promoting fun in the work place.  While it is important to maintain a sense of professionalism in your business, providing outlets for your employees to enjoy themselves and relieve stress can have numerous positive benefits.  Happier employees work harder and collaborate with one another better (  That is why many companies out there feel that it is worth it to be sure that they are making it possible for employees to have fun in the office (we know we do at Storitz!).  Here are five fun ideas that different companies have instituted for the benefit of their work environment:


Ping-Pong Table

Ping-Pong is a fun and easy way to promote fun in the office.  Having a Ping-Pong table in the office allows employees to have a little bit of fun during breaks.  The game is simple enough that anyone can play, and can also be played in a short amount of time.  There is also something to be said about the benefit that playing games together has on employees’ team building skills.  Office sized tables are available and can be set up virtually anywhere in the office with enough space for a desk.  Here’s an example of how easy it is to have office fun with even the smallest of Ping-Pong tables:

LINK: Office Ping-Pong



At PERQ Marketing in Indianapolis, they’ve found a way to make travelling around the office fun.  PERQ offers scooters for pedaling down the wide hallways of their facility.  Not only do the scooters seem like a blast to ride at work, but they’re also stylish too.  I find this to be a great method of promoting a fun office environment.  It’s also an efficient way to get around the campus, meaning employees can get more done by not wasting time in transit between different areas.  Check out this video of the scooter’s in PERQ’s office:

LINK: PERQ Office Scooters


Office Bar

Whether you enjoy drinking socially or not, a bar in the office can have a tremendously positive effect on your office’s environment.  Red Frog Events in Chicago buys into this idea, claiming that it has numerous benefits for their employees’ office relationships.  As Joe Reynolds, the founder of Red Frog Events writes, “Red Froggers—what we call our employees—are definitely closer because of times spent tipping a few back together.”  If your office is filled with responsible professionals, you do not need to worry about it being abused.  Instead, it shows those trusted employees that you respect and care about them, which can make your company great.

Read more about Red Frog’s bar from


Yoga Classes

What can ease the stress of working for employees better than some yoga?  Several companies use office yoga classes as a way to promote a positive office environment including Tumblr, Asana, and Eventbrite.  Fitness classes like yoga have several benefits for your employees.  Providing a way for employees relax assures them that their company values their health and well-being.  It also can promote teamwork and a more integrated office environment by allowing employees to socialize in a non-work setting.



There are some really fun gadgets out there that I have seen people use to lighten the work atmosphere.  The simplest little experiences during the day can put employees in a great mood and make working hard that much easier.  My personal favorite is the desktop USB missile launcher, perfect for getting fellow employees attention (  Other ideas I have seen implemented include smartphone operated model cars, basketball hoops, and collaborative puzzles.  In fact, Lego Denmark even has an employee toy room, where everyone from marketing staff to designers go to take a break and rejuvenate.


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Self-Storage: Reimagined

What can a self-storage unit do for you besides store your stuff?  At first, it may not seem like a lot.  A storage unit is not seemingly very exciting.  It is simply an empty space in a simple shape with a door on one end.  However, on second glance, a storage unit is a world of opportunity.  It is the space to help you become whatever your imagination can come up with for yourself.  Here are some ideas for ways you can reimagine a storage unit:


Creative Space

Imagine!  You’re a master artist working on your next masterpiece in your studio.  In the peace and serenity of your workspace, you can let your inspiration flow seamlessly from your mind into your project.  Perhaps a storage unit could be an art studio.  You need not worry about being constantly interrupted, as tenants of self-storage facilities do not frequent their units often.


Yoga Studio

Imagine!  You are going through your yoga workout routine.  You are alone   with your thoughts and some relaxing music, with nothing to distract you but the thought of your next stretch.  Perhaps a storage unit could be a yoga studio.  If you can’t find the space or environment to do yoga at home, you could make your own serene environment in the peace of a personal studio.  You would have to be sure to get a climate controlled or ventilated unit in order to be sure it did not get too hot in the unit (unless you are doing Bikram yoga!)


Model Train Room

Imagine!  You’re the conductor of your own personal railroad super highway.  With unending real estate, you have the space you need to lay out the perfect track configuration.  You have at your fingertips, access to a whole world of   model train building you never thought possible before.  Perhaps a storage unit could be a model train room.  It is quiet, spacious, and safe from any experimenting that unqualified family members and friends may feel the need to do were you to set-up your trains at home.


Plan a top-secret mission

Imagine!  You’re a secret agent who is planning a highly confidential operation.  You need a location that is inconspicuous and maintains the highly clandestine nature of your mission.  Perhaps a storage unit could be a top-secret planning room.  It would provide plenty of privacy and any amount of space necessary for any gadgets and supplies you might need for your mission.


There are lots of ways to use a storage unit, if you use your imagination.  These are some of the wackiest ways we can think of.  What about you?  Comment below with your most imaginative use for a self-storage unit!


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Making New Year’s Resolutions with Self-Storage


New Year’s resolutions are an incredibly interesting tradition.  To many people, the idea of a new year feels like a fresh start.  Many are empowered by this idea and use it as an opportunity to try to make changes to their life for the better.

I think this is great, especially since it is difficult to make resolutions normally during the year.  Personally, I am often busy during other times of the year.  I get comfortable in a routine and it is hard to find the time to stay committed to a change in a hardwired habit.  At the holidays, I can find the time I need to commit to a resolution.

In honor of New Year’s resolutions, here are five common New Year’s resolutions that self-storage can make easy for you to follow through with:


1) Be Less Stressed

Clutter in your life causes stress.  You have a million things to juggle and the last thing you need is to have to spend time looking for things.  If you can make yourself more organized, you can easily reduce a lot of stress in your life.  Rent a self-storage unit for things that you want to keep, but do not use everyday.  You can keep the things you want without having to worry about them getting in the way.


2) Spend More Time with Family Friends

Everyone needs to spend time cleaning up and getting organized.  Cleanup and store your things with your family and friends.  Offer to exchange help with the process with one another.  Spending time cleaning and moving is not difficult and allows you to spend time hanging out with those you love.  Also, cleaning up may give you the confidence to have people over more often.


3) Help Others

While you are eliminating the clutter, figure out what you no longer use.  While getting ready to store, gather things what you have to give away and take it to your nearest donation location.  Giving to those less fortunate is a great way to accomplish a New Year’s resolution while making the holidays for someone else.


4) Exercise

Make space and time in your life to exercise.  With your excess clutter safely in storage, you can finally have space for the treadmill you were thinking about getting.  Perhaps you make space to stretch out for a new yoga hobby.  Or maybe you just want an open area to jam out alone to loud music in an effort to work out.  You can make this happen by renting a self-storage unit.


5) Manage Time Better

There is no better way to help yourself manage your time more effectively than to become organized.  It is impossible to plan sometimes for things throughout the day that make you late (like Los Angeles traffic…*shiver*).   Eliminating the mess in your life will make you more efficient and keep you on schedule.


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Why Self-Storage Auction Shows are so Popular

(The cast of Storage Wars, one of many popular storage auction television shows.)


If you have ever been channel surfing while watching television, it is hard to deny that storage auction programs have become incredibly popular.  While the craze may have been started by the hit series Storage Wars in 2010, it has sparked an entire phenomenon surrounding storage auctions.  This is great for the self-storage industry, as it has provided a platform for average Americans to familiarize themselves a bit with the world of self-storage.


The premise of these shows is based on the concept of legal storage auctions.  Storage auctions occur as the result of tenants failing to pay rent for a given period of time.  If rent is not received by the facility owner within this time period, it is within the facility’s right to auction off the contents of the unit in order to re-coup the rent owed to them by the former tenant as well as clear out their unit for new occupancy.


These shows capture my interest for a variety of reasons.  Here are the major aspects of the shows that pique my interest:



You never know what you’re going to find inside of a self-storage unit.  There are frequently all kinds of interesting stuff that people put away into storage and forget about.  Many people write this idea off, believing that if something has been left away in storage for a long period of time, than it is probably worthless.  That is not true!  If someone was originally willing to invest the time and money involved in putting something away in self-storage, chances are there is something of value in whatever was stored.  Whether it’s monetary or sentimental value, there is usually something uniquely interesting about the items that are found.  Everyone has old tchotchke type items that are fun to uncover regardless of how much money they may end up being worth.



Competition makes entertainment.  American viewers are always looking to distinguish a clear winner from a group of contestants.  This idea is the same in many other successful forms of television entertainment including sports, American idol, and even coverage of political elections.  These shows keep track of how much each auction hunter spends on the units they purchase as well as how much money they make selling the items inside.  The winner is the team that turns the greatest profit off their units.  The competition aspect of the show is a huge part of its entertainment value.  Many people choose their favorite team and root for them to succeed.  This makes the self storage industry, which is not as “exciting” for most as sports and entertainment, more fun and interesting for the average American viewer.

(Picture from Storage Auctions mobile app game.)




In my experience with watching storage auction shows, I have found that I am often inspired by some of the ideas that the bidders have for the items found within the units.  It is truly amazing what some of the participants on storage auction shows are able to do with the items they uncover.  There is a real art in finding someone else’s damaged possessions or junk and turning them into something of value.  It also promotes the resourceful reuse of old items and junk.  The ability to take something that may no longer be useful to someone and make it something new is a valuable one in this world, and a large part of why watching storage auction shows can be amazing.


If you have never seen any of these television shows, I highly recommend you give them a chance.  I don’t want to play favorite with any particular program, so I recommend that you see what is out there and give a couple of them viewing opportunities.  It is a great way to generally familiarize yourself with what the self-storage world looks like.  There is also a tremendous amount of entertainment value to take advantage of.  Just don’t get hooked, it can be easy to end up watching all day!



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Top 5 Decorations to Grab Out of Storage for Halloween

(A mix of fright and humor in this Halloween display.  Photo credit: Halloween Sayings)


1.  The Classic Witch-Broom-Crash Decoration

This is my personal favorite Halloween decoration that I see in yards every Halloween.  The witch crashing her broom decoration is easily the best Halloween decoration, as it does not even try to use witches as a scare factor.  Instead, this decoration is living proof that witches are no longer scary, they’re funny!  I love seeing these witch decorations everywhere, so I encourage you to go get yours out of storage and put it up ASAP!


2.  Your Hanging Skeletons

Skeletons are a classic part of any Halloween decoration display.  They look scary, and the idea of a reanimated skeleton zombie is downright frightening.  Make sure you get your skeleton decorations out of storage and hang them up for your display.  You could even set them up to be dancing skeletons; just make sure you hang the skeletons from your storage unit and not the skeletons buried in your closet!


3.  Scary (or Funny) Fake Gravestones

There is no scarier decoration for your display than a fake graveyard.  Graveyards are the iconic site of all Halloween related horror.  They also pose the threat of attack from lurking, flesh-eating zombies.  Get your fake gravestone decorations from your storage unit, and put them up in your yard.  One clever idea is to put names on the gravestones in order to enhance their effect.  For example, I have seen tombstones for people like Jack the Ripper in order to make them scarier.  In contrast, you could add an element of humor by making the gravestones for a pet named “Fluffy” or for something that no longer gets used like “Typewriters”.


4.  Gigantic Inflatable Decorations

Ah yes, the inflatable lawn decorations that seem to exist in every shape, size, and holiday theme imaginable.  How about your giant vampire display?  Or your 8-foot tall jack-o-lantern?  Pull those bad boys out of storage and get them set up on your lawn.  The bigger the decoration, the scarier.  Come on, everyone knows that.


5.  Your Black Cat

Every good Halloween decoration display needs a black cat.  Black cats are the ultimate symbol of the spooky atmosphere that makes Halloween what it is.  Nothing sends a chill down young trick-or-treaters’ spines like an ominous black cat in their path.  Talk about bad luck!  However, I feel the need to include a disclaimer on this suggestion.  When you put your black cat decoration back into storage, be sure it’s not your own cat!





The Other Football: A Sport Worth Giving a Shot (It might just be a goal!)

(Soccer fans in Atlanta enjoying a game.  Photo credit: PRWeb)


I am going to start this blog with a disclaimer: I am a major football fan.  You will always find me somewhere on Sundays in the early fall, draped in a Cincinnati Bengals jersey and loudly broadcasting my opinion of the officiating.  Watching both NCAA and NFL football are things that I look forward to doing all week.  However, I have realized this weekend that there is a new trend developing for socializing and watching morning sports on the weekend.  It’s the other “football”: Soccer.


I am a big fan of soccer and follow many of the international leagues around the world.  From the Premier League to La Liga, I have always found soccer to be an incredibly fascinating sport.  However, I had always assumed that I was alone in this regard, as I have grown up my whole life hearing dissenters with their usual complaints of, “This is boring.” and “Why don’t they score more goals?”  Many Americans refuse to give soccer a chance.  While I understand and can sympathize with many of these critiques, I had my mind instantly changed this weekend and I believe that even those who are sour on the sport would enjoy if they’d give it a chance.


I made my way with a few friends to a local pub at 9:00 am PDT on Saturday (aka, 2 hours before NCAA kickoff) to watch two of the more popular European teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Our usual local spot, we expected the pub to be a relaxing atmosphere to watch the game before getting ready to go wild over football.  Instead, we found ourselves in a crowd standing shoulder to shoulder, chanting and singing in support of their teams.  It was amazing to see so many passionate fans about soccer.


I ended up having a blast watching the game.  What I also learned is that soccer in no way has to replace football on the weekend in order for me to take advantage of this awesome environment.  The soccer fans are just like every other sports fanatic, knowledgeable and always enthusiastic about discussing how they feel about any game, player, or event.  Everyone else at the pub was equally as excited for college football to get underway after the game as they were about the soccer match itself.


If you think you don’t like soccer, I urge you to give it a chance.  It is a great way to just increase the amount of awesome sports action available on the weekend.  Take a chance, and go down to a local spot for a game.


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